Alexey Larionov

Dr Alexey Larionov

PhD Experimental Oncology, MSc Applied Bioinformatics
PgCert Academic Practices, Bachelor Medicine
Current employment: Lecturer in bioinformatics, Cranfield University, UK
Previous employments: Research Associate in the University of Cambridge (UK)
Research Fellow in Edinburgh University (UK); Various clinical and research positions in Russia
Dr Alexey Larionov
Rare variants
association analysis (lecture)
Long-reads RNA-Seq
data analysis (lecture)
Short-reads RNA-Seq
data analysis (lecture)
Differential Gene
Expression (practical)
Hormonal treatment in
breast cancer (lecture)
Treatment of metastatic
HER2-positive breast cancer
Resistance to aromatase
inhibitors in breast cancer
data analysis
Transcriptional signatures in
endocrine-resistant tumors
Whole exome sequencing
data analysis